Maria Fumaça (steam locomotive) ride to São João del Rei


The former Estrada de Ferro Oeste de Minas (EFOM), inaugurated in 1881 by Dom Pedro II Emperor of Brazil, opens the way between the Cerrado (mountains)and the rain forest to take the tourist to a beautiful passage through the mountains of the São José complex. Besides the natural beauties, the tour also has great tourist and cultural attractions such as the train rotunda, where the incredible turning of the locomotive – carried out manually occurs, preserving the customs of the time of Maria Fumaça – and the Railway Museum.
The Sao Joao del Rei & Tiradentes railway has the largest collection of Baldwin Steam Engine Locomotives in the world on display.

Trem Turístico

Tiradentes Station
Station Square s / nº
Box office: Thursday through Sunday from 9am

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